Cadbury Roses

Its that time of year again, and I think it might be time to get the chocolates out.

Cadbury Roses

London at Night

I recently spent and evening photographing London at night just for fun! Me and a friend went out with our cameras and got shooting.

we went to the usual spots but i took on the challenge to find a different way to photogrpaph these areas. 

Here are two of my favourites from the evening.

Millennium Bridge.

Millennium Bridge.

St Pauls.

St Pauls.

Phoenix Global Resources

I was recently asked to photograph the board of directors at Phoenix global resources, although not Still Life, I found the lighting brief they gave me to be very fun to execute. It was a great day, I think we got some nice polished shots.



Whilst in Wales, I came accross this magnificent horse.

It was an overcast day and I saw the opportunity to push the pixels towards the surreal Twilight setting you see here to reflect the mystery of Looking into the horses almost human eye.

It seemed fitting to give the final photographs the treatment of showing off neither a positive or a negative atmosphere. I wanted the look to feel like that void in-between which is never presented in clarity and can never be touched in reality.



I was recently lucky enough to be involved in a project that required us to do a full loop around the world. Traveling out from London to Canada then to Australia and finally to Hong Kong on the way home.

Here are a selection of shots from Hong Kong. I was incredibly Jet lagged by this point and was almost overwealmed by all the different colours and sounds, so i wanted these shots to emphasise and show just how vibrant the city can look at night.